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The majority of ceremonies require musicians for 1 hour (up to 30 minute prelude and 20 - 30 minute ceremony). Prelude length for all ceremonies is up to 30 minutes so we charge the same amount for all ceremony lengths. We only need to know the length for planning purposes.


If you're not sure, enter multiple lengths (ex. 3, 3.5 hours) and we'll send quotes for each.


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Wedding event portions
Stone Mountain Strings
Quartet (4) Trio (3) Duo (2)
Obsidian Duo - violin and piano
Lapis Duo - violin and guitar

Tito Gato jazz band

full band (6) Quintet (5) Quartet (4) Trio (3)
Jazz Solo Piano - Daniel Padrón

Solo Guitar - Alonso Padrón
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      Other family members/couples

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