"With so many groups available, how do I choose?"

If you haven't planned many events, this page has been designed to help you answer that question. Click Our Ensembles above to hear sound samples of different groups. Once you have determined the groups that could work for your event, visit the Get a Quote page to request quotes for them.

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What sort of atmosphere are you trying to create? If your event has multiple parts, it may involve multiple answers.

Here are some key words that one might choose for a wedding.

  • Ceremony: formal, church, traditional, elegant, casual, semi-formal outdoor
  • Cocktail hour: elegant, casual, sophisticated, relaxed
  • Reception: large party, dancing or not?, meal with background music



Some factors in the space:

  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • How many guests?
  • How large (or small) is the space?

This helps you select the right size group and whether or not you'll need amplification.

An outdoor space with ambient noise (such as a fountain) or a function in a very large room may need amplification. We offer amplification for all of our groups.

Personal Taste

  1. What genre of music (classic, contemporary, jazz, pop), would you like to hear? Or you want a mix? Or perhaps different types of music for different parts of the event? Keep in mind not all groups are locked into a particular genre. For example, our jazz pianist plays some classical too and the string quartet has an extensive library of pop songs.

  2. What instruments do you enjoy listening to? Maybe you played piano when you were younger and might enjoy a violin-piano duet.

Here are some examples for a wedding:

  • Ceremony: string quartet playing pop tunes for the prelude and classical for the processionals
  • Cocktail hour: jazz piano or guitar
  • Reception: jazz band


Venue Restrictions

Always make sure you're aware of any restrictions a venue might have for live music. Some examples:

  • Churches that only allow religious and/or classical music.

  • Venues that have a piano, but charge a tuning/rental fee for it's use.

  • Venues that have a sound system, but will only allow you use it if you book their sound man.

  • Sound ordinances. This is typical for a venue in the middle of a residential area, particularly for outdoor events. They have a restricted decibel level for music so that nearby residents are not disturbed by the music. The Georgia Aquarium also has volume restrictions so as not to harm the fish.


Of course, one of the inevitable questions is how much music costs. A good rule of thumb is to budget $200 per musician, though it may be a little less for a short event. If the event lasts 3 hours or longer, you'll need to budget more for the extra time.

Using the same group or musician for an entire event can save a significant amount. For example, a group may play classical for a ceremony and jazz or pop for a cocktail hour. Usually the extra hour costs less since the musicians are already at your event.

Distance to the venue is another factor that may increase cost due to extra time and fuel costs. Most venues in the Atlanta area do not incur extra costs.

We do our best to keep prices affordable. Vist our Get a Quote page to get exact pricing for your event.